A response to Youtuber Karim Metwaly on ex-Muslims

Muslim Youtuber Karim Metwaly who has over 120k subscribers and 50k twitter followers made a video challenging an ex-Muslim woman who made wide sweeping generalizations of Muslims.



The video has since gathered over 300 k views and is titled ‘EX-MUSLIM’.

He is more than welcome to challenge her however I felt that he did not make some things clear.

Here is my response to the video:


I am a co-founder of Faith to Faithless which is UK based org that raises awareness about the discrimination that non-religious people face. I am an ex-Muslim who left Islam 7 years ago. I disagree with almost all of what this woman has said and I am glad that you challenged her.

However I am disappointed that a youtuber such as yourself who has a huge following did not offer a more nuanced response to her video. For instance you didn’t clarify that this woman does not represent all of the unknown number of ex-Muslims around the world. I say unknown because most are ‘in the closet’ out of fear of being disowned, losing friends or that they may face state persecution in countries such as Iran, Saudi, Sudan, Pakistan.

As ex-Muslims are a persecuted minority this would have been a good opportunity for a well known Muslim such as yourself to offer support to ex-Muslims and to not feed the stereotype that ex-Muslims don’t understand Islam or were never Muslims to begin with. To put it in context, this would be like me making a video challenging a fundamentalist who speaks about non-Muslims this way and makes wide sweeping generalizations about them and then titling it ‘MUSLIM’. A non-Muslim audience who already doesn’t like Muslims may see this hypothetical video as reinforcing their views the same way that Muslims who do not trust, respect or acknowledge the serious issues facing ex-Muslims may watch your video and think ‘ex-Muslims are ignorant bigots’.

There are a lot of testimonies online which show how diverse we are. If you check out our channel you will see that ex-Muslims are not exactly represented by this woman https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh-ZVAxsok4FUxG75830AZg

If you are an ex-Muslim, there are lots of people like you, so don’t feel like you’re alone! There are communities offline in some parts of the world and forums online where you can speak to people, and get emotional support.

If you are a Muslim, I hope that you will support ex-Muslims & see that we (like Muslims) are a diverse bunch of people going through a pretty tough time.


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